About us

We are St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, a Roman Catholic seminary located in Winona Minnesota since 1988. We are one of five international seminaries of the Society of St. Pius X. Our mission is to form priests and spread the Truth throughout the world to all the people that we are able to reach.


Our Formation

The formation is not merely academic, but a transformation of the young man into a living and breathing example of Faith, an unfaltering source of Hope, and radiating Love. He will stand in the midst of the world as a pillar of strength, a cooling fountain of peace and doctrine for nourishment, and a light shining in the darkness.

Our Impact

The priests who have come from our seminary reach out into the world to touch the peoples of every culture. We have reached out to South Africa, Poland, England, Australia, Mexico, South America, and the Dominican Republic, among others. The Society of St. Pius X in general is located in over 35 countries and is daily growing in number.

We pass on what has been given to us. We hold to the traditional philosophy and theology that have been handed down through the ages. We express the beauty of these beliefs in our worship that is equally beautiful. This centuries old liturgy we pass on to thousands of men, women and children. We see it as a sacred reality, an expression of the Truth, and freely give it to anyone we come into contact with.

Our impact penetrates into the social atmosphere by humanitarian aid and education. As our founder was a missionary in Africa for many years, we want to impact each person we contact with a missionary spirit. A spirit that gives itself whole heartedly for others.


Our Move

Our numbers have increased. The building we are currently in is at full capacity. We can no longer accept all of the young men who seek entrance. Seminaries around the world are closing because of lack of students. Our seminary is only increasing in size.

We have researched many options, but the only one that was possible was this new building in Virginia. We have raised the call. Can you help us make it a reality?

A New Home

Enclosed in over 1,000 acres, three times the size of our current property, the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary will stand overlooking the property with the Blue Ridge Mountains as its backdrop. It is located in Buckingham County, Virginia, 30 miles south of Charlottesville and 75 miles west of Richmond.

Presentation for Ad Orientem

The plan of construction is separated into two parts, phase one includes all the buildings that surround the Church, which are the dormitory, classrooms, cloister and administration buildings, and phase two is the Church itself. This plan is engineered to enable the seminary to begin moving as soon as phase one is complete, leaving the completion of the Church thereafter. The date of completion of phase one rests in the hands of our donors.

The design of the new seminary was chosen to help the priestly formation. The architecture, drawing much of its inspiration from great Romanesque churches, provides a structure that is simple and yet austere and stable – a pillar representing the Faith of all time and standing as a firm sign of Hope in the chaos that envelopes the world. It is here that young men will come and hear the inspirations of God leading them to greater union with Him and preparing them to be sent into the world.